1921-P VAM-47

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1921-P VAM-47 Quadrupled Right & Doubled Left Stars, Zerbe “Proof” Dies

Discovered by Bill Van Note, January 2005.
47 IV 37 · D1a (Quadrupled Right & Doubled Left Stars, Zerbe “Proof” Dies) (189) I-4 R-5
Obverse IV 37– Right stars quadrupled and left stars doubled towards rim as is upper crossbar of second 1. Slightly doubled top edge of cap fold and PLU-BUS towards rim. Die marker– Thin die scratch up to right from left tip of serif of left upright of second U in UNUM. Die used to strike so-called Zerbe “proof” pieces.
Reverse D1a-- Die markers– Extensive die polishing lines within wreath bow and to right and left sides. Prominent horizontal polishing line between eagle’s legs and short double lines on fourth inner feather from bottom of eagle’s left wing next to body. Die used to strike so-called Zerbe “proof” pieces.
1- January 2009 update: Please note recent research on the Zerbe dies noted on the page for 1921-P VAM-1AG.

LVA Plate Photos

1921-P VAM-47 OBV-REV-PLATES-6.jpg

Additional Photos

Many horizontal polishing lines across the eagle's entire lower body.
There are also many polishing lines in the eagle's left wing. Also notice the 'spike' in the gap between the eagle's neck and wing.
There are even polish lines between the arrows and arrowheads. Notice the downward 'spike' just behind the middle arrowhead, between arrowheads 2 and 3:
Even the bow has some lines:
Lines on the rear of Liberty's neck:
A minor crack links TES_O:

Full Coin Photos

Large Full Coin Scans of VAM-47 Courtesy of ALGOT and attribution by ALGOT