1921-P VAM-3Q2

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Discovery 2012
3Q2 IV 1 - D2a (Die Gouge ER, Die Breaks M & R, Scribbling Die Scratches #11) (189) I-2 R-6
Reverse D2a - Die crack thru top of AMERICA with small break in middle top of M and top right of R. (Formerly VAM-3AC)



LVA Plate Photos:

1921-P VAM-3AC Breaks M & R.jpg

Additional Photos:

JMR 1921 P 1 UNICORN R 3.jpg

1921-P VAM-3Q LDS ER scratch.jpg

Full Coin Photos

Full coin images posted by [weth] attribution and photo credit by Untitled-TrueColor-1xxx.jpg