1921-P VAM-3O2

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1921-P VAM-3o2

Discovered 2005 as VAM-3AQ eliminated 2017, became VAM-3o2
Discovered by Ken1793 Sept 9, 2009 as VAM-3FF eliminated 2017, became VAM-3o2
3O2 IV 1 D2a (Die File Lines Reverse) (189) I-2 R-5
Obverse IV1- Slight diagonal clash line at Liberty head neck but no die file lines.
Reverse D2a - Mostly vertical die file lines in all fields to erase die clash marks. Scribbles at eagle's right leg erased. (Formerly VAMs 3AQ & 3FF)
1-The marriage pictured below appears to be a stage of VAM-3'O' - aka 'goldfish clash', 1921-P VAM-3o3 - vampicker (assigned 3o2 -2017)
2- VAM-3AQ was found to be the late die of VAM-3o2.
1- [[1]]

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Additional Photos

1921P 3AQ 1.JPG
1921P 3AQ 2.JPG
[[2]] d.c. coin 3FF