1921-P VAM-3GK2

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1921-P VAM-3GK2

Discovery 2014
3GK2 IV1 - D2a (Scribbling Die Scratches#141, Die file lines wreath tops) (189) I-2 R-6
Reverse D1a - Fine die scratches in various directions on tail feathers around eagle's right leg and between eagle's left wing and body. Vertical die file lines at tops of both wreaths.

LVA Plate Photos


Additional Photos

This photo is a different coin, same variety. Notice how the scribbles are a little more prominent from less die wear, but were found still too weak to list.
3GK1 reverse die marker - Small die flake at lower end of middle olive leaf cluster.
Here is an additional coin with scribbling scratches on the tailfeathers that are too light to list. The same coin has nice die file lines at both ends of the wreath, but these lines were not prominent or extensive enough to list: Several different coins were submitted over the years before this die pair was listed as 1921-P VAM-3GK1 and 1921-P VAM-3GK2.
1921-P VNA Nov 07 light scribbles.jpg
1921-P VNA Nov 07 lt wreath file lines.jpg
1921-P VNA Nov 07 rt wreath file lines.jpg
ARS 1921 P V-3GK2 01.jpg
ARS 1921 P V-3GK2 02.jpg
ARS 1921 P V-3GK2 021.jpg
SSDC 9/2015