1921-P VAM-3EU

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1921-P VAM-3EU Scribbling Die Scratches #108

Discovered January 2009 by Jason Henrichsen
This is a scribbling scratches variety.
3EU IV1 - D2a (Scribbling Die Scratches #108) (189) I-2 R-5
Reverse D2a- Fine die scratches in various directions on over polished tail feathers around eagle’s right leg and between eagle’s left wing and body. Die Marker- Die scratch in wreath opposite O between stem and leaf (see 2nd photo below).
LVA Comments:
1- Leroy Van Allen wrote the following concerning the VAM-3EU: "Unusual scribbles way up on TF!" (emphasis original).
1- [[1]]
2- [[2]]

LVA Plate Photos

VAMfinder 1921-P VAM-3EU DiscoveryPlate1.jpg

Additional Photos

Note the scribbles extending well into the eagle's chest:
1921-P VAM-3EU scribbles.jpg
Although the scribbles on this VAM are very distinctive, note the "vertical" die scratch in the middle of this photo as a second die marker:
1921-P VAM-3EU reverse wreath die scratch.jpg
KRJ 1921P Vunk DBLprofile ObvCrack400 071017.jpgKRJ 1921P Vunk DBLprofile RevCrack400 071017.jpg
LFCS by Kurt 28, attribution by ljs123 and Vincenzo73.
KRJ 1921P V3EU Obverse 071017.jpg
KRJ 1921P V3EU reverse 071017.jpg