1921-P VAM-3DL

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1921-P VAM-3DL Scribbling Die Scratches #73, Die Gouge F of OF, Dot Inner Left Wing

Discovered November 2007
3DL IV 1 • D2a (Scribbling Die Scratches #73) (189) I-2 R-5
Reverse D2a– Fine die scratches in various directions on over polished tail feathers around eagle’s right leg and between eagle's left wing and body. Die marker - Diagonal die scratch thru bottom of F in OF.
LVA Comments:
1- Writes of the VAM-3DL: "Scribbles at eagle's leg, die scratch/gouge thru F & dot on inner left wing feather."
The VAM-3DL has a lot going on for a scribbling scratches variety. There is a vertical die gouge in the F of OF and there is a pronounced dot on the third inner feather of the left wing.

LVA Plate Photos

Additional Photos

Feel free to use this scribbles photo for attribution, but be sure to scroll down to the next photo for a slam dunk attribution feature:
1921-P VAM 3DL scribbling scratches.jpg
Hopefully this nice die scratch/gouge through the F in OF occurred throughout the die life of the VAM-3DL:
1921-P VAM 3DL gouge F.jpg
Also some activity in the protected area within the wreath bow:
1921-P VAM 3DL wreath bow.jpg
2nd Specimen

Full Coin Photos

Full coin shots from Algot.Stephenson VAM-3DL ATTRIBUTED BYJohn Baumgart atUntitled-TrueColor-1xxx.jpg