1921-P VAM-3BK

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1921-P VAM-3BK Scribbling Die Scratches #12 Dot above arrowhead

Scribbling scratches varieties are numerous and difficult to photograph. Many existing varieties include scribbling scratches features on the tailfeathers in addition to their primary features (pick up points). Most likely some of the new scribbling scratches varieties will be ultimately eliminated as early die states of known VAMs for which the die breaks, etc. have not yet formed.
Note 4-29-12: The 3BK series is the same as the 3AW series (1921-P VAM-3AW1 and 1921-P VAM-3AW2). LVA will be notified and coins sent so he can determine how to classify these varieties.
1921-P VAM-3BK scribbles.JPG
1921-P VAM-3BK rev lines 1.JPG
1921-P VAM-3BK rev lines 2.JPG
1921-P VAM-3BK rev lines 3.JPG
Clash marks may not appear on EDS examples:
1921-P VAM-3BK obverse clash1.JPG
1921-P VAM-3BK obverse clash2.JPG