1921-P VAM-1M

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1921-P VAM-1M Heavy Die File Lines Reverse

Discovered by C. Logan McKechnie February 2006. Revised 2009
1M (revised) IV 1 · D1a (Heavy Die File Lines Reverse) (189) I-3 R-6
Obverse IV 1– A few scattered die file lines at top and left fields. Faintly doubled left stars. Faint counter-clash at back of cap on some specimens.
Reverse D1a– Die file lines in all fields with heavy lines above eagle’s right wing in attempt to remove die clash marks.
1- Same marriage as the 1921-P VAM-1BC (1 & 2) listed in 2013.
2- The 1921-P VAM-1M is the LDS of 1921-P VAM-1BC series
3- Former 1921-P VAM-43A. is NOW the 1921-P VAM-1BC2
4- Suggested Progression goes
Camera.jpg1921-P VAM-1BC1 Scribbling Die Scratches *NEW 2013*
Camera.jpg1921-P VAM-1BC2 Scribbling Die Scratches, Clashed n, st Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg *NEW 2013*
Camera.jpg1921-P VAM-1M Heavy Die File Lines Reverse Discovered 2006 revised in 2009
5- Split into VAMs 1M1, 1M2, 1M3, and 1M4 in 2015
1921-P VAM-1M Die File Lines.jpg 1921 VAM 1M COUNTERCLASH.JPG

Additional Photos

Pictures below by MitzyDog...
File lines on obverse....
Double inside ear...
Reverse file lines...
This photo, taken of the Discovery Piece, shows the wing clash and the nick of the n at the neck.
1921 VAM 1M Photo 1.jpg
The area of the first hair vee appears, in hand, to have the ST clash. However, it has been polished out with lots of polish lines--in keeping
with the rest of the coin.
1921 VAM 1M Photo 2.jpg
Below photos courtesy user:albannach
DJC 1921-P 1BC wingmarker.JPG
DJC 1921-P 1BC dblhit.JPG
DJC 1921-P 1BC eyemark.JPG
DJC 1921-P 1BC bowmark.JPG
DJC 1921-P 1BC neck.JPG
DJC 1921-P 1BC lowquad.JPG