1921-P VAM-15

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1921-P VAM-15 Tripled Left Stars, Doubled Motto, Pitted Reverse

Discovered by Michael Grear, December 1998. Revised 2011.
This coin is a Hot-50 Morgan VAM.
15(revised) IV 10 · D1a (Tripled Left Stars, Doubled Motto, Pitted Reverse) (189) I-3 R-5
Obverse IV 10– Left stars and E PLURIBUS tripled towards rim. Right stars and UNUM slightly doubled towards rim.
Reverse D1a– Raised dots from rust pitted dies. Early pitted die state shows raised dots below arrow heads and in middle and to left of eagle’s right wing of formerly VAM1D/30. Also has slight die gouge down from lower arrow head.

1. 1921-P Pitted Reverse Attribution guide
2. VAM-1D was incorporated in VAM-30, it was determined to be and early rusted die state of VAM-15. VAM-30 was then eliminated.


LVA Plate Photos:

1921 P VAM 15 Tripled Stars.jpg 1921 P VAM 15 Tripled PLURIBUS.jpg
1921 P VAM 15 Pitting by Wing.jpg 1921 P VAM 15 Pitting NE DO.jpg
1921 P VAM 15 Pitting Arrow Heads.jpg

Additional Photos:

Left stars tripled towards rim, E PLURIBUS UNUM and right stars doubled toward rim. Pitted die from denticles through NE DO up to wreath bow.
Doubled R of PLURIBUS.
Early die state, previously identified as VAM-30.
There is die pitting below the arrow heads down to the wreath but no Gouge coming off Arrow shaft like VAM-15A



Full Coin Photos

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