1921-P VAM-100

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Discovery 2016 by Algot Stephenson.

100 IV 80 -D2a Doubled/Tripled Right Stars, Polishing Lines Eye (189) I-2 R-5
Obverse IV 80 -Slightly doubled/tripled right stars toward rim, very slightly doubled nose profile. Diagonal polishing lines on eye and below, plus forehead.
Reverse D2a - Die marker- Diagonal die scratch right of Eagle's right leg, but no scribbles there.
LVA Plate Photos:
ARS 1921 P V-100 04.jpg

Additional Photos

Large Full Discovery Coin Photo by Algot Stephenson and ATTRIBUTION BY Leroy Van Allen
ARS 1921 P V-100 01.jpg
ARS 1921 P V-100 02.jpg
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