1921-P Peace VAM-1E2

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1921-P Peace VAM-1E2 Die Gouges Reverse Left Field, Gouge MEU

Discovered by David Close.
1E2 I 1 · Aa (Die Gouges Reverse Left Field, Gouge MEU) I-3 R-6
Reverse Aa– LDS with heavy vertical die gouge thru ME in AMERICA down to left tip of second U in UNUM. Gouge further left than gouge of VAM 1J.

1. Gouge probably caused by feed fingers malfunction.


LVA Plate Photos:

1921 Peace VAM-1E2 Gouge MEU.jpg 1921 Peace VAM-1E2 Line in T.jpg

1921 Peace VAM-1E2 Die Gouge ME.jpg 1921 Peace VAM-1E2 Die Wear NE.jpg

Additional Photos:

DKC 1921 VAM 1E.jpg

Full Coin Photos

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