1921-D VNA varieties

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1921-D VAM Not Assigned Varieties

Small break top left of 1st S of STATES, small bean bottom 2nd S of STATES. Unique scribbles, but hard to photograph with toning. Reviewed by Leroy July 2008 2nd designated "too small to list"
1921d vna rj 1 2.jpg
1921d vna rj 1 a.jpg
1921d vna rj 1 3.jpg
1921-D VNA variety is a "scribbling scratches tailfeathers" variety. There is a small horizontal die break at the bottom of the typical empty (polished) area above the left toe, as well as a couple of scribbling scratches to the right of this area. It seems there may have been more scribbles in the early life of the die, but if so, they have since worn. This is an unlistable variety per Leroy.
1921-D VNA scrib scratches.jpg
This second 1921-D VNA variety was actually designated the 1921-D VAM-1CC, but not for the obverse die scratches. Notice the scratches above the second U and M in UNUM. Leroy states, "Scratches at UM not enough to list - we don't list isolated lines in fields as somewhat common & not usually visible to naked eye."
Second U and M in UNUM:
1921-D VAM-1CC diescratchU.jpg1921-D VAM-1CC diescratchM.jpg
This third 1921-D VNA variety, the 1921-D VAM-11B, was given a VAM assignment for reasons other than the dot in the tailfeathers. Whereas many 1921-D dots are listed as a primary attribute, for this one Leroy contends, "Dot on TF too small to mention." See if you notice it (if you don't see it, click on this 1921-D VAM-11B link):
1921-D VAM-11B scrib scratch photo2.jpg
Another VNA variety was found in July 2008. Two examples of this variety were submitted to Leroy Van Allen in July 2008. It turned out to be an existing VAM, 1921D VAM 1CL. The coins had two distinct cracks, one of which is very similar to the 1921D VAM 1N. They were deemed not to be listable.
21D DBreak.jpg 21D SBreak.jpg
This fifth 1921-D VNA variety has a Bean Bottom S and scribbling scratches but was not immediately listed by Leroy because the coin is an XF with worn features and it was unclear if the variety were already listed as another Bean Bottom S variety. Leroy later listed the variety as the 1921-D VAM-1DU using an earlier die state coin with clearer scribbles. It is unknown at the moment (Dec 2008) if the discovery coin (the EDS example) also has the Bean Bottom S feature:
1921-D Bean Bottom S VNA die break.jpg
1921-D Bean Bottom S VNA scribbles.jpg
1921-D Bean Bottom S die scratch wreath.jpg
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