1921-D VAM-9A

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1921-D VAM-9A In God We _RUST Filled Die

Discovered by Gene Henry, April 2002 (Desirability Star4.gif)
9A IV 8 · D2a (Doubled Date, Tripled Left Stars, Filled t of Trust) (189) I-2 R-6
Reverse D2a – Die fill in first t of trust to make it almost completely missing.

(PCGS MS # 134058)
Comments: November 2009 update: Leroy has examined a specimen of this VAM that shows scribbles matching the 1921-D VAM-1CY. As of this posting, both listings are still retained. Leroy notes, "VAMS 9 and 9A have different die cracks in Joyce book so they are different dies. Scribble for VAM 9 in 1921 scribbles guide don't match those of VAM 9A. Has same scribbles as 1CY from 1921 scribbles guide and the die scratch above E in UNITED. So 1CY is actually 9A. Problem is 9A is only for a few die filled coins and not a die variety, plus has different dies than VAM 9. But have to keep VAM 9A since has been listed since 2003. So just made note for 9A and 1CY that they are same dies and keep both listed."
This filled die variety is missing the T of Trust, making the motto read “In God We rust.” Some have questioned why the motto on the 1921-D had so many clogs causing missing letters. In an email to the author, Leroy Van Allen offered the opinion that the small letters with steep edges made it an easy place for grease to trap. He also noted he has observed that the motto is prone to die chips and he feels the same steep edges are responsible for that phenomenon as well.
There was formerly a comment here about a dot inside Liberty's mouth as a diagnostic. This should not be used, since it is present on the 1921 master die.


LVA Plate Photos:

1921-D VAM-9A LVA plate image.jpg

Additional Photos:

1921d vam9a.jpg
In addition to the filled letter T, the coin shares the features of a VAM-9: The date is doubled with both crossbars of the first and last one doubled at the bottom. The “9” digit is doubled at the top inside of both loops. The digit “2” is slightly doubled at top inside of upper loop and at the bottom of the upper ball. All the left stars are slightly tripled toward the rim. The first right star and the E of E PLURIBUS are slightly doubled toward the rim. Liberty's head and nose are also slightly doubled.
21d rev 9a.gif

Full Coin Photos


Only 8 attributed examples known as of 3-8-21, all PCGS: 65, 63, 58, 53, 50, 45, 40, AU Genuine (cleaned).