1921-D VAM-5A

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1921-D VAM-5A Die Break ES of STATES

VAM-1Y Discovered by Jim Hart, November 2001 (Desirability: Star4.gif)
VAM-5A reclassification find by Logan McKechnie, July 2003. VAM-9B was also determined to be the same VAM and removed. Formerly VAM-1Y
5A(revised) IV 4 · D2a (Tripled Date and Stars, Die Break ES) (189) I-2 R-6
Reverse D2a– Die crack at top of STATES OF with die breaks at top left of E and second S in STATES. Similar to VAM 2B die break S in STATES but 5A also has heavy die cracks at top of MERIC. Fine double die scratches in various direstions on over polished tail feathers around eagle's right leg and between eagle's left wing and body. Die marker - Verticle die scratches on tail feather above arrow shafts.
1- The VAM-5A uses two different obverses, one seen on EDS examples and another on MDS and LDS coins.
VAM-5A has die breaks at the top left of the E and the second S in STATES along
with a die crack at the top of TATES OF.

LVA Plate Photos

Additional Photos

21DVAM5A3.jpg 21DVAM5A1.jpg
This is a "Bean Bottom S" variety. Click on the Bean Bottom S VAMworld page for links to the other bean bottom VAMs.
1921d vam 5a c.jpg
Similar to the VAM-2B Die Break, the VAM-5A also has heavy die cracks at top of MERIC.
21DVAM5A2.jpg 21DVAM5A4.jpg
1921d vam 5a d.jpg
1921d vam5a a.jpg
1921d vam5a b.jpg
Small dot to the right of R in DOLLAR.
1921d vam9b 3.jpg
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21d obv 5a.gif21d rev 5a.gif
61P, 61A, 60A, 60A, 58A, 58A, 58R, 55A (Total: 2 MS, 8 Circ.)