1921-D VAM-1o

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1921-D VAM-1'o' (1-"oh", not ten) Die Break A STATES

Discovered by Herb Zepke, February 2001 (Desirability: Star5.gif)
1'o' IV 1 D2a (Die Break A) (189) I-2 R-6
Reverse D2a - Heavy die cracks thru tops of letters of STATES OF with small die break extending to right at top of A in STATES. Faint doubling of outer leaf towards rim of lower three wreath leaf clusters.
1- The VAM-1'o' also has a tiny Bean Bottom S that is likely not large enough to be included in the description.
2- LDS of 1921-D VAM-20

LVA Plate Photos

Additional Photos

The VAM-1'o' variety has heavy die cracks through the tops of the letters in STATES OF. The cracking culminated into a die break extending to the right at top of the A in STATES.
1921d v1o 2.jpg
This variety also has another unique double die crack between OF and the eagle's wing on the reverse. Finally, there is a faint doubling of the outer leaf towards rim of lower three wreath leaf clusters.
1921d v1o 4.jpg
Shown below is a comparison between an Early Die State (EDS) and a Late Die State (LDS) VAM-1'o' where the crack in the die is starting to develop. The obverse breaks shown in the die break illustration below may help identify this VAM when presented in on-line auctions where only an obverse photo is shown.
21DVAM1oEDS2.jpg 21DVAM1oLDS1.jpg
As this is also a scribble scratch variety, these can be best for attributing early die stages.
Jb 21dv1o-1.jpg
As you can see from the condition census, the VAM-1'o' is a major rarity with few known specimens.
21d obv 1o.gif21d rev 1o.gif
64N, 64N, 63R, 62R, 60A, 58R, 55A, 55R, 35A, (Total: 4 MS, 5 Circ.)
14 total