1921-D VAM-1S

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1921-D VAM-1S Die Gouge ED of UNITED

Discovered by Jim Hart, June 2001 (Desirability: )
1S IV 1 D2a (Die Gouge ED) (189) I-2 R-5
Reverse D2a - Die gouge thru middle of E up to top left of D in UNITED.
COMMENTS: An incident with a tool or some other hard object caused damage to the surface of the VAM-1S die. Because the image on the die is an inverse of the coin produced, the gouge into the die metal causes a raised mark on the resulting coin.
This particular VAM has a fairly long gouge, running from the left side of the E in UNITED, up and through to the top left side of the D. One of the interesting things about the VAM-1S is that a second die gouge was noticed after I published "Fun With 1921" Jack Lee found the second gouge on a coin he located. On my only reference coin, this gouge was present but very subtle. This
1921 d vam1s.jpg
Like many of the 1921-D die gouge coins, this one has been elusive, with only a few discovered and no mint state coins known
21d obv 1s.gif21 d rev 1s.gif