1921-D VAM-1H3

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Discovery 2014 by Micheal Ash

This coin is a WOW! Morgan VAM. (Fills the cud/strong retained cud slot)
1H3 IV1 - D2a (Rim Cud 1-3 Left Stars) I-4 R-7
Obverse IV1 - Very late die state with raised field cud from rim-to-rim at 1-3 left stars.
1- This is a retained cud variety. The die state is when the damaged area begins to fall away as shown in the full coin image below.

LVA Plate Photos


Additional Photos

Very late die state of VAM-1H contains a retained cud.
1921d vam1h ret cud.jpg
21DVAM1HLDS2.jpg 21DVAM1H1.jpg

Full Coin Photos

Large Full Coin Photo Copyrighted© VAM-1H3 Images on loan to VAMworld courtesy [Heritage Auctions] ATTRIBUTED BY TwoHawks