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1921-D VAM-1G Die Break 2nd S of STATES

Discovered by Jeff Oxman, September 1999
1G(revised) IV 1 · D2a (Die Break S, Damaged Denticles) (189) I-4 R-6
Obverse IV 1– Small circular depressions next to denticle spaces above IBU with slightly longer denticle spaces than normal adjacent ones. Die probably damaged at denticle edge which pushed them in and up on die.
Reverse D2a– Heavy die cracks thru tops of STATES OF AMERICAS letters. Small die break at top of second S in STATES.
Comments:The 1921-D VAM-1G has a spectacular die break on the reverse through the second S of STATES. Three different spikes have grown out of the top of the S. One die break emerges from the upper left side pointing back at the E. Another break curves out of the top and swoops to the right like a small hook. A final die break comes from the top and meets up with the serif. While other Morgan varieties exhibit breaks on this S, there is no other that matches it for its intricacy.

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21d rev 1g.gif21d obv 1g.gif
1921D VAM1GLDS.jpg
The VAM-1G die break expanded and progressed as the die continued to be used. It began as a small hook at the top of the S and then joined a second crack until the break a fully filled spike on top the letter. Late die state fills should be bowed outward and show no depression in the center of the hooked break. The late die state version looks to be much harder to find and will be worth significantly more.
George Powell made a cool find in July 2004. Look closely at the holes between the denticles above IBU (and other locations) and notice the field is dented down. Leroy Van Allen called the field "pushed in" and identifies it as die damage. Very unusual!
The 1921-D VAM-1G is also a scribbling scratches variety. Note the scratches in the field at the left side of this photo, which are often the best pick up points for scribbling scratches:
1921-D vam1G scribblingscratches.jpg

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