1921-D VAM-1B2

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1921D VAM-1B2 No E in We "Capped R" Die Break R of AMERICA. Hot 50

Discovered by Rob Joyce, February 2003 (R-7, Desirability: Star5.gif)
This coin is a Hot 50 Morgan VAM
1B2 IV 1 D2a (Capped R Die Chip, Filled e) (189) I-3 R-6
Reverse D2a - Die fill in e of We to make it almost completely missing.
(PCGS MS # 134029 -- same as VAM-1B1)
Comments: This variety is one of the most exciting finds of the entire 1921-D variety group. It combines the large die break of Hot-50 “Capped R” coin with a missing letter much like the Top-100 1921-D coin, VAM-1A. The VAM-1B2 has a late die state break above the R in AMER­ICA (same as VAM-1B1) combined with a reverse filled die where the E in We has been clogged. The missing E was most likely filled with the grease used to lubricate the presses. For a short period of time, the resulting coins struck with this die had no E on the reverse. The VAM-1B2 variety appears to be ultra rare. Hundreds of the standard VAM-1B1 coins are known but there are only a small handful VAM-1B2 coins discovered. Evidently the clog cleared quickly or more of these sought after coins would be reported by collectors.

LVA Plate Photos

Additional Photos

1921d vam1b2 1.jpg
In addition to the missing E of We, this variety has the characteristic VAM-1B die break over the R in AMERICA.
Below are drawings of die cracks approximating the locations of the variety features. The thickness of the line does not necessarily represent the size of the crack on the real coin. Often these cracks are extremely fine, present only on the latest die state coins, and need significant magnification to be seen. These cracks are like fingerprints, uniquely identifying specific dies and may help you identify earlier or later die states.
21d obv 1b.gif21d rev 1b2.gif
63R, 55R, 55R, 50R, 40R