1921-D VAM-1AT

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1921D VAM-1AT "Jet O" Die Break O of ONE

Discovered by Rob Joyce April 2004 (Desirability: Star5.gif)
1AT IV 1 · D2a (Die Break O of ONE) (189) I-3 R-6
Reverse D2a– Large die break on lower left outside of O in ONE.

  1. Easily the most interesting die break to emerge since the first edition of "Fun With 1921" emerged, VAM-1AT is a highly desirable variety. This unique variety has a huge break on the O of ONE. The lower left side of the O has a protruding break. It appears that the VAM-1AT variety had a very short-lived production run after the break occurred. This coin went undiscovered for the years of research preceding the first edition of "Fun With 1921." Even with the army of VAM collectors working on 1921-D varieties, few examples have been found in several years of study. The extensive die cracks on the obverse and reverse combined with the lack of other examples indicates this die was probably retired almost immediately after breaking.
  2. Early die stages showing the scribbles and other markers without the large break on the O are known, but are less desirable.


LVA Plate Photos

Additional Photos

1921d vam1at 3.jpg
1921d vam1at 1.jpg

Scribble scratches which can be used to discern early die stage coins.

Vincar 1921 d vam1at 3.jpg
Vincar 1921 d vam1at 4.jpg
Vincar 1921 d vam1at 5.jpg
Early die state:
NESVT20100624 1921D 1AT 7.JPG
NESVT20100624 1921D 1AT 1.JPG
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