1904-S Reverses

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1904-S VAMs

C4a - S centered and upright
Camera.jpg1904-S VAM-1 Normal Die Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg
Camera.jpg1904-S VAM-1B Filled 4 Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg
Camera.jpg1904-S VAM-2 Far Date, Doubled Profile Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg
Camera.jpg1904-S VAM-6 Doubled 4
Camera.jpg1904-S VAM-7 Doubled 4 Top and Profile Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg
Camera.jpg1904-S VAM-10 Far Date, Spiked 1, Doubled 4 Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg
C4b - High S
Camera.jpg1904-S VAM-5 Doubled 4, High S Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg
C4c - Large V S mint mark set high with tilt to left.
Camera.jpg1904-S VAM-9 High S Tilted LeftFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg
C4/C3a - 2 Olive Reverse
Camera.jpg1904-S VAM-3 Slanted Date, 2 Olive Reverse Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg
C4/C3b - 2 Olive Reverse
Camera.jpg1904-S VAM-4 2 Olive ReverseFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg
C4/C3c - Large V S mint mark 2 Olive Reverse
Camera.jpg1904-S VAM-8 Doubled Profile, Far Date, 2 Olive ReverseFull-Coin CAMERA.jpg
Camera.jpg1904-S VNA (Vam Not Attributed) Full-Coin CAMERA.jpg
C4/C3d - Large V S mint mark 2 Olive Reverse
New Camera.jpg 1904-S VAM-11 2 Olive Reverse, Doubled Reverse Legend, Die Gouge A Lfcp-icon.jpg<span