1904-P VAM-8

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1904-P VAM-8 PROOF Far Date, Doubled Reverse Lettering

Discovery 2011 Brent Fogelberg
III2 7- C4c (Far Date, Doubled Reverse Lettering) (?) I-2 Proof
Obverse III2 7 - Date set further right than normal.
Die marker - Polishing lines inside lower loop of 9.
Reverse C4c - Hub doubling of UNITED STATES OF and upper right and left wreaths towards rim. In God We Trust and eagle's head doubled to top.
Hub Markers - Slightly tripled serifs of N in UNITED and doubled top of eagle's head.
Die marker - several vertical long polishing lines at bottom of eagle's right wing.



LVA Plate Photos:

Scan Pic0021.jpg
Photo by Leroy Van Allen
Scan Pic0023.jpg
Photo by Leroy Van Allen
Scan Pic0024.jpg
Photo by Leroy Van Allen

Additional Photos:

This is one of the two known. See
http://www.vamworld.com/1904-P+PROOF for both.

Full PROOF Coin Photos

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