1904-P VAM-5A

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1904-P VAM-5A

Discovery 2016, Revised 2017
5A III2 5 - C4a (Doubled Profile & Ear) (189) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 5 - Die 1 - Die polished at same time as reverse die 1 was polished to remove two die gouges at leg resulting in slightly doubled ear at right inside and bottom outside. Some diagonal lines still show right of inner ear fill as die marker.
Die 2 - Has tiny bit of doubling at top right inside ear on LDS.
Reverse C4a - Die 1 - Die polished removing two diagonal gouges at right outside of eagle's left leg. Die marker at wing-neck gap remains.
Die 2 - Diagonal polishing lines in wing-neck gap remain.

  1. The VAM-5A is the LDS of VAM-5 Die 1.
  2. The original VAM-5 VAM Plate from the 2003 VAM Supplement is for VAM-5 Die 1 and VAM-5A. (A. Scott)
  3. One specimen showed doubling on the bottom outside of the upper loop.


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