1904-P VAM-3A

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1904-P VAM-3A Spiked 1, Doubled 4, Collar Clash 7-9 O'clock

Discovery 2017 by LD Lane aka ChiefRet.
3A III2 3 - C4a (Spiked 1, Doubled 4, Collar Clash 7-9 O'clock) (189) I-3 R-5
Obverse III2 3 - Faint collar clash on rim with reeding indents at outside of rim at 7-9 o'clock.


  1. Based on a sampling of coins of this die pair, those with the collar clash seem to be far more common than those without.
  2. Leroy had stated that this is the same hub defect (spiked 1) as the 1904-S VAM-10. This "spiked" 1 in the date is a flaw in the date digit punch or logotype, and was not in the hub. He has revised his thinking based on different date placements of the 04-O V4,4A,4B; 04-P V3,V3A,V4,V10, 04-S V10,V12 and V13. Note that the "spiked" 1 only occurs in 1904 at all three mints.


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