1904-P VAM-11

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1904-P VAM-11 Proof Doubled Profile, Doubled Reverse Lettering

Discovery 2017
11 III2 10- C4g (Doubled Profile, Doubled Reverse Lettering) (?) I-2 Proof
Obverse III2 10 - Slightly doubled profile of Liberty Head at chin and nose. Date in middle of normal position.
Die marker - Two short diagonal polishing lines at lower left in B of LIBERTY.
Reverse C4g - Hub doubling similar to VAM-4.
Die marker - Horizontal polishing lines in wreath bow, above ribbons and at eagle's left leg.

1. No photos really needed. This is a proof coin. The date placement is the telltale difference between the VAM-8 and VAM-11. VAM-8 is listed a a Far Date. The VAM-11 is listed as a Normal Date centered in the third denticle. The VAM-8 outnumbers the VAM-11 by a 9 to 1 count based on my research. Neither proof VAM is hard to find.


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