1904-O VAM-45

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1904-O VAM-45 Doubled Profile & Hair, O Tilted Left, Doubled Reverse Legend

Re-Listed 2010.
45 III2-7 C4q (Doubled Profile & Hair, O Tilted Left, Doubled Reverse Legend) (?) I-2 R-5
III2 7 -
Reverse C4q - Hub doubling of VAM-28 but different die. Horizontal die break at top of tilted left III O mint mark opening. (formerly VAM-2 notation)
Die marker - Series of short die scratches near fourth inner feather from top of eagle's right wing.

1. Note, this is the new designation for the BAR O reverse. It was removed from the VAM-2 listing. No other 1904-O VAM has the BAR O listing except the VAM-45.


LVA Plate Photos:

Additional Photos:

BAR "O" Mint Mark
ARS 1904 O V45 BARO.jpg
One of the drop dead PUPs for this VAM is a gouge at the back of Liberty's eye. This makes cherrypicking easy.
But be forewarned, it is not on the EDS of the die marriage.
ARS 1904 O V45 Gouge at eye.jpg

KRJ 1904O V45 Date 100315.jpg

KRJ 1904O V45 BeakWhiskers 100315.jpg

KRJ 1904O V45 WingGap 100315.jpg

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