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1903-S VAM Not Assigned Varieties

This late die state of the famous 1903-S VAM-2 Micro "s" shows clashing, with some particularly "deep" clash marks off the reverse left wreath tip. However, since there is no visible transferred lettering, this VAM is not listed as a subvariety (it does not create a 1903-S VAM-2A).
Leroy's analysis:
“Yes, has die clash marks on obv & rev. Don’t see any clashed letters on obv or rev. Clash raised dot at top of left wreath from indent below lower lip as illustrated in superposition photos in Mark Kimpton’s book on Elite Clashed Morgan Dollars. Don’t think it is a die break since has smooth rounded surfaces… We don’t just list usual clash marks that aren’t letters.”
1903-S VAM-2 clashed stage photo1.jpg

1903-S VAM-2 clashed stage photo2.jpg

1903-S VAM-2 clashed stage photo3.jpg
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