1903-P VAM-17A

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1903-P VAM-17A

Re-classied by Nate Mailliard 2016. Former VAM-1B
17 III 2 1 · C4j (Collar Clash Obverse, Doubled Reverse Lettering, Denticle Impressions Olive Branch) (189) I-3 R-5
Obverse III 2 1 – Collar Clash on rim with reeding indents at outside edge of rim from 12-1 o'clock.
Reverse C4j - Three rows of denticle impressions of outside of denticles with three small raised triangles at olive branch end tip, four raised triangles below tip and two raised triangles between wreath leaves. Spacing between triangles matches denticle spacings.
1- The original VAM-1B does not have a collar clash obverse, So VAM-17A may be found with or without the collar clash on the obverse die.
2- Additional Obverse and Reverse markers can be found on the VAM-17 page.

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Large Full Coin Photo VAM-17A w/collar clash on loan to VAMworld courtesy of Metalencephalon