1903-P VAM-11

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1903-P VAM-11 Doubled Reverse Lettering

Discovery 2011 Brent Fogelberg, Revised 2014 Added Reverse Die #2 - pacificwr, Revised 2016 Lance Newman OCC/Ken Mote, Revised 2018 Added Die #4 Ron Gapa, Revised 2018 Added Die #5, #6, #7 Andrew Wojtowich.
11 (revised) III2 1 - C4e (Doubled Reverse Lettering, Collar Clash Obverse) (189) I-2 R-5
2016 Revised Obverse III 2 1- Collar clash on rim with reeding indents at outside edge rim at 11-12 O'clock, Occurs with Die 3 obverse
Die 1 Reverse C4e - Hub doubling and tripling of UNITED STATES OF & upper left wreath & top of eagle's head like VAM 10. Hub Markers - Slightly tripled lower serif of N in UNITED & doubled top of eagle's head.
Die marker Reverse - Horizontal polishing line thru upper loop of right S in STATES.
2014 Die 2 - Die Marker Reverse - Vertical polishing line at right side of second leaf cluster from top.
2016 Die 3 - Die Marker Reverse- Polishing line between top and left olive leaf cluster
2018 Die 4 - Die Marker Obverse- Single Diagonal Polishing line below upper hair curl.
Die Marker Reverse- Over polished center of Right wing with vertical fine polishing lines & 2 diagonal scratches.
[Ron Gapa's 2018 Rev. Letter]
2018 Die 5- Obverse Die Marker - Vertical die scratch lower left of R in Liberty. Also, with Die 7 reverse. Slightly doubled nose front edge.
Reverse Die Marker - Single diagonal polishing line in eagles left wing opposite eagle's head.
2018 Die 6- Obverse Die Marker - Vertical die cracks on Liberty's head, forehead, and adjacent field.
Reverse Die Marker - Several long vertical die polishing lines in right field.
2018 Die 7- Reverse Die Marker- Horizontal die polishing lines at eagle's right leg. Obverse later die state than with Die 5 reverse.
Andrew Wojtowich's LVA Revision Letter 2018
[LVA Revision Letter 22 Jul 2018]
LVA Comments:
1. Added die 2 rev. Hub dbld rev. Die marker -vertical polishing line at rt side of second leaf cluster from top. Obv die slid sideways into tops of date digits & denticle edges below date. So date and some stars are distorted so can't list anything there. Only clash marks at cap vee and lips.

LVA Plate Photos

Bfja 03 11 1.jpgWR 1903 P VAM 11 Revised 102114.jpg
Die 3 2016 Olive lines and Collar Clash
Die #4 2018
1903P V-11 Rev 001.jpg
Die #5 2018
Andywoj00 03P V11D5a.jpgAndywoj00 03P V11D5b.jpg
Die #6 2018
Andywoj00 03PD6a.jpgAndywoj00 03PD6b.jpg
Die #7 2018
Andywoj00 03PV11D7a.jpg

Additional Photos

VAM-11 Die 1-Discovery Coin

VAM-11 Die 2

Full Coin Photos

From Mitch Hill, Large Full Coin VAM-11 Die #1 Images photographed by Heritage and Attribution by Mhomei

Kurt Johnson VAM-11.2 Images on loan to VAMworld ATTRIBUTED BY pacificwr

Large Full Coin Copyrighted© VAM-11, Die 5 Images on loan to VAMworld courtesy of Andrew Wojtowich. ATTRIBUTED BY Leroy Van Allen.