1902-O VAM-80

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1902-O VAM-80 Doubled Profile & Stars,2 Olive Reverse

Discovery 2010. De-listed October 2011.
Eliminated Same as VAM-21/21A, down to every description and die marker.
80 III2 27- C4/C3al (Doubled Profile & Stars,2 Olive Reverse) (181) I-3 R-6
Obverse C4/C3al - Doubled Liberty head profile at front of LIBERTY band, front hair edge, forehead, nose, lips, jaw & neck. Doubled left stars, slightly doubled right stars, doubled E PL UNUM, top of Phrygian cap, top right of top left cotton leaf, bottom edge of hair and very slightly at right inside of ear. Date set low and at left side of normal lateral position. Similar to VAM 12 doubled obverse III2 6 but different date position. Die marker - Tiny die chip at right of lower two cotton leaves.
Reverse C4/C3al - III O mint mark set slightly high and centered. Extra olive to right of olive connected to olive branch. Doubling at top of olive branch to right of olive, base of olive leaf cluster, top edge of two arrow feathers, back of arrow head, top inner feathers of eagle's left wing, right side of eagle's nostril and eye. Die marker - Single vertical polishing line in space at left of eagle's right leg. Some specimens show light die rust pitting at motto and below eagle's right wing.