1902-O VAM-25

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1902-O VAM-25 Doubled Obverse, 2 Olive Reverse

Discovered by Jim Baxter, February 1979.
This coin is a Hit List 40 Morgan VAM.
25(revised) III2 14 · C4/C3j (Doubled Obverse, 2 Olive Reverse) (181) I-3 R-5
Obverse III2 14 – Ear tripled on lower right outside. Doubled hair above ear, eyelid underneath, below left cotton boll, right side or right cotton boll and bottom of lower cotton leaf. Date at left edge of normal position. Horizontal die scratch on left side of first left star.
Reverse C4/C3j – III O mint mark set slightly high and to right with slight tilt to left. Extra olive to right of olive connected to olive branch. Doubling on top of olive branch at right of olives, at base of top and left olive leaf clusters, on end of second arrow feather next to olive branch, middle talon on eagle’s right leg, right of eagle’s nostril and eye and back of lower arrow head. UNI-ED TAT OF doubled faintly towards rim.



LVA Plate Photos

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Double berry
Doubled hair above ear:
Ilvo 02-O VAM25 08.JPG
Doubled eyelid underneath:
Ilvo 02-O VAM25 01.JPG
The following two pictures show a diagnostic scratch from the rim to the first left star on the obverse:
Ilvo 02-O VAM25 02.JPG Ilvo 02-O VAM25 03.JPG
On the reverse of at least this coin, the ‘e’ of ‘In God We trust’ is filled; something I have not seen before. If this is common, please note it here, or delete the pictures...My example also has the filled "e".
Ilvo 02-O VAM25 04.JPG Ilvo 02-O VAM25 05.JPG
Finally, there is a small die scratch extending down and to the left from the mid-tip of the middle arrow on this coin also.
Ilvo 02-O VAM25 06.JPG Ilvo 02-O VAM25 07.JPG

Full Coin Photos

Full Coin VAM 25 images © oldcollectorcoins, used with permission, from a coin of Brian Raines