1901-P Obverse

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1901-P VAMs

Obverse III2 1
1901-P VAM-1 Normal Die
1901-P VAM-2 Normal Die
1901-P VAM-2A Reverse Die Gouges
Camera.jpg1901-P VAM-3 Shifted Eagle, Double Die Reverse, Top 100 Morgam VAM
1901-P VAM-4 Doubled Reverse
1901-P VAM-6 2 Olive Reverse
Camera.jpg1901-P VAM-7 Doubled Wing and Arrows (Hit List 40 Morgan Dollar)
Camera.jpg1901-P VAM-9 2 Olive Reverse
Camera.jpg1901-P VAM-20 2 Olive Reverse, Buffed Reverse
Camera.jpg1901-P VAM-22 2 Olive Reverse, Reverse Die Gouges
Obverse III2 2
Camera.jpg1901-P VAM-5 Doubled Ear, 2 Olive Reverse Hot 50 Morgan VAM
Camera.jpg1901-P VAM-16 Doubled Ear Hot 50 Morgan VAM
Obverse III2 3
1901-P VAM-8 Doubled Second 1
Obverse III2 4
1901-P VAM-10 Slanted Date
Obverse III2 5
VAM-Delisted.jpg1901-P VAM-11 Doubled Hair Above Ear (Same as VAM-15)
Obverse III2 6
Camera.jpg1901-P VAM-12 Spiked Eye
Obverse III2 7
Camera.jpg1901-P VAM-13 Doubled Profile, 2 Olive Reverse
Camera.jpg1901-P VAM-19 Doubled Profile and UNITED
Obverse III2 8
1901-P VAM-14 Doubled Ear & Cotton Bolls, 2 Olive Reverse
Obverse III2 9
Camera.jpg1901-P VAM-15 Doubled Ear & Hair, 2 Olive Reverse
Obverse III2 10
Camera.jpg1901-P VAM-17 Doubled Ear, Slanted Date, 2 Olive Reverse
Camera.jpg1901-P VAM-18 Doubled Ear, Slanted Date
Obverse III2 11
Camera.jpg1901-P VAM-21 Doubled Ear & Profile, 2 Olive Reverse