1901-O VAM-65

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1901-O VAM-65 Slanted Date, 2 Olive Reverse

Discovery 2012
65 III2 6 - C4/C3ac (Slanted Date, 2 Olive Reverse) (181) I-3 R-5
Reverse C4/C3ac - Medium O mint mark set slightly high. Shallow extra olive to right of olive connected to olive branch. Doubling at base of top olive leaf cluster, back of lower arrow head, a couple feathers at middle upper part of eagle's left wing and right side of eagle's nostril and eye.
Die marker - Triangle die gouge on left side of eagle's left leg.



LVA Plate Photos:

NESVT20121006 1901O 65 01.JPG NESVT20121006 1901O 65 02.JPG

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