1901-O VAM-47

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1901-O VAM-47 Double Eyelid, Ear & Cotton Leaves, 2 Olive Rev

Discovery April 2009
47 III219. C4/C3v (Double Eyelid, Ear & Cotton Leaves, 2 Olive Rev.) (181) I-3 R-6
Obverse III2 19- Slightly doubled eyelid with thick eyelash. Doubled ear at bottom outside, hair above ear, bottom of lower cotton leaf and bottom left of leaf above bottom one. Very slightly doubled nose and lips with slight slant to date in normal position.
Reverse C4/C3v- Extra olive to right of olive connected to olive branch. Doubling at top of olive branch, lower olive leaves, top or arrow feathers, back of lower arrowhead and right side of eagle’s nostril. III O mintmark centered with very slight tilt to left. Three short horizontal die gouges at outside edges of upper part of eagle’s right leg and two at outside edges of lower part and one at upper part of eagle’s left leg.



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Unlisted, there is some doubling of the upper reverse legend radially at the tops of the bases of some letters.

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