1901-O VAM-40

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1901-O VAM-40 Far Slanted Date, Doubled Profile, O Tilted Right

Discovered by Laurence Galbraith, September 2005.
40 III217 · C3f (Far Slanted Date, Doubled Profile, O Tilted Right) (181) I-2 R-5
Obverse III217– Date slanted and further right than normal with second 1 higher than first 1. Liberty head profile slightly doubled from forehead down to chin.
Reverse C3f– III O mint mark tilted to right but not set high.

1. Same obverse as VAM-53


LVA Plate Photos:

1901-O VAM-40 Far Slanted Date.jpg 1901-O VAM-40-O Tilted Rt.jpg

Additional Photos:

Full Coin Photos

From Mitch Hill, Large Full Coin VAM- Images photographed and ATTRIBUTED BY John Baumgart @ Variety Slabbing Service.jpg