1900-S VAM-6

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1900-S VAM-6 Near Date, S Set High, Die Breaks Cap Fold & Hair

Discovered by Oscar Simpson, January 1977.
6 (revised) III22 · C3d (Near Date, S Set High, Die Breaks Cap Fold & Hair) (189) I-3 R-6
Obverse III22– Vertical die crack thru Phrygian cap fold with breaks at top and bottom of fold. Late die state also has die break in hair above first right star and tiny die chip on end of nose.
Reverse C3d - Wide V S mint mark set high.

1. Obverse same die as 1900-S VAM-10.


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Additional Photos:

1900-S VAM 6 Photo 1.jpg
Mint mark set high.
1900-S VAM 6 Photo 2.jpg

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