1900-P VAM-35

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1900-P VAM-35 Doubled 19 & Left Wreath, Die Scratch Star

Discovery 2010
35 III2 28- C3b (Doubled 19 & Left Wreath, Die Scratch Star) (1889) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 28 - Doubled 19 in date. Slightly doubled 1 at top left of upper crossbar as a notch and 9 at bottom inside of lower loop.
Heavy die scratch in denticles below first left star. Fine horizontal die polishing lines at jaw junction.
Reverse C3b –Slightly doubled left wreath leaves, lower leaves in right wreath, top inside of wreath bow, back of arrow feathers and lower edge of arrow heads. VAM-33 also uses this reverse.



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