1900-O VAM-7A

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1900-O/CC VAM-7A O/CC Low, Die Chip Above 9

Discovered by Jim Hart, September 1999. Revised August 2015, the tinman
This coin is a Top 100 Morgan VAM.
7A (revised) III2 4 · C3e (O/CC Low, Doubled 0 & Peripheral Reverse, Die Chips 90 Top) (181) I-4 R-7
Obverse III2 4 – Die chips and gouges between and above 90. Die breaks on rim below date on LDS.

1. Part of the 1900 O/CC family. Very rare and in great demand. AU specimens have traded for four figures. From the few VAM-7As that have turned up, the obverse appears to show rapid and progressive die damage that spreads from the '9' over to the first '0'. By this stage, a large rim cud has also formed under the date.
2. The 1900-O/CC VAM-7A is one of several O over CC coins. These VAMs include 1900-O VAM-7, 1900-O VAM-7A, 1900-O VAM-8A, 1900-O VAM-9, 1900-O VAM-11 and 1900-O VAM-12.

3.1900 O/CC Revision Letter

LVA Plate Photos:

1900 O VAM 7A Chip Above 9.jpg

Additional Photos:

Mint Mark

Stage 1: Chip over 9.
1900 O CC Vam-7A.jpg
Stage 2: Larger chip over 9 with more die chips spreading to '0' with rim cud.
1900 O CC Vam-7A LDS.jpg
This 7A has the characteristic die chip over the 7. You can also see the chip to the left of the first zero and a small chip between. As this die state progresses the attribution page indicates these chips join up. You can also see the development of the rim cud in this image.
Tf 1900-O-CC-V7a-Date.JPG
Here's a shot a bit further to the right showing more of the rim cud.
Tf 1900-O-CC-V7a-RimCud.JPG

Tf 1900-O-CC-V7a-MintMark.JPG

1900 O cc Vam7 a.jpg

Full Coin Photos

Large Full Coin Photo and Attribution by NLC