1900-O VAM-58

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1900-O VAM-58 Doubled 00, Near Date, High 0, Gouges Wing

Discovery May 2013, Revised Dec 2013
58 III2 38 - C3l (Doubled 00, Near Date, High 0, Gouges Wing) (181) 1-2 R-5
Obverse III2 38 - Doubled 00 in date with left 0 slightly at bottom outside and right 0 at top outside. Ear very slightly doubled at lower right inside. Date set further left than normal at left side.
Die marker - Tiny die chip at bottom inside of right 0 plus raised dots on cap ribbon.
Reverse C3l - III O mint mark set high and slightly to right. Five diagonal die gouges between eagle’s left wing and body high up with some scratches in wing middle. (Original VAM 58 became VAM 14 revised.)

1. The May 2013 Discovery of VAM-58 was actually VAM-14 and that was revised in Dec 2013 before the yearly update was published. The revised VAM-58 is actually a new Dec 2013 listing from a coin submitted by Nico Marcus in 2009 that was incorrectly listed then as a revised VAM-14.

1. http://www.vamworld.com/share/view/65509770

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