1900-O VAM-47B

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1900-O VAM-47B Near Date, Die Gouges Wing, Denticle Impressions D

Revised 2009, 2015
47B (revised) III2 5 - C3a (Near Date, Die Gouges Wing, Denticle Impressions D) (?) I-3 R-5
Obverse III2 5 - Near date. Raised dots on 900 digits on lower part of vertical stems.
Reverse C3a - Slightly doubled/tripled UNITED letter bottoms towards rim; Couple left wreath leaves doubled. Three short diagonal die gouges at junction of eagle's left wing and leg. Series of vertical die scratches in eagle's left wing at junction of inner and outer feathers. Vertical die gouge at top of eagle's left wing. Couple short vertical die scratches in top of eagle's right wing.
Three raised triangular denticle impressions with one in lower middle D of DOLLAR, small raised triangle at 0.03" to left outside edge of D and faint raised triangle between D and O, 0.06" from one inside D. (0.03" to right of one inside D is at right leg of D cavity and therefore couldn't make impression there.)

1. Appears to be different dies than VAMs 47 and 47A
2. Check VAM 23E, as they are very similar. May be an earlier die state of the 23E.
3. I believe this is exactly as described in Comment #2. The obverse of both 23E and 47B have the exact gouge in Y of LIBERTY that extends into the field or the coronet. The reverse in STATES has the same gouge from the under the top arm on the left to the tip of the left serif. Marks in both wings correspond with each VAM. A very early state VESD of 23E. Ron Hagler aka RonH270


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NGC 64