1900-O VAM-47A

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1900-O VAM-47A Near Date, Die Break ST

Discovered by C. Logan McKechnie August 2005.
47A III25 · C3a (Near Date, Die Break ST) (181) I-2 R-6
Reverse C3a– Die crack at top of UNITED STATES with break at top first T to rim and die chip at top left of first S in STATES.

1. May also have another crack on the reverse that extends from the first L in DOLLAR to the right side of the wreath, and a crack from the denticles through the R in DOLLAR. Also may have a crack above the date extending through Liberty's bust and through the star next to it.
2. Could have two small gauges on the eagle's right wing, two gauges in the neck vee of the eagle, and two on the cap.
3. Could exhibit polishing on the inside of both eagle's leg feathers, next to eagle's right leg, in between the ribbons and surrounding areas, including areas of the wreath.
4. May be doubling of the olive leaves, ribbon, parts of the wreath, and IN GOD WE TRUST.


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