1900-O VAM-39

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1900-O VAM-39 Doubled & Tripled 0's, Near Date, O Tilted Right

Discovered by Terry Armstrong, June 1999.
39 III225 · C3b (Doubled & Tripled 0's, Near Date, O Tilted Right) (181) I-3 R-6
Obverse III225– First 0 strongly doubled at bottom outside and second 0 strongly tripled at bottom outside. Date set further left than normal.

LVA Plate Photos

Additional Photos

near date
Mrjuan-1900 o 19.JPG
doubled 1st and 2nd o at bottom
Mrjuan-new doubled 00.JPG
mm tilted to the right
Mrjuan-1900 o new vam o.JPG