1900-O VAM-2D

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1900-O VAM-2D Open 9, Die Break B, Polishing Lines in Wing

Discovered by Ben Wengel, December 2008
2D III2 2- C3a (Open 9, Die Break B, Polishing Lines in Wing) (189) I-2 R-6
Obverse III2 2 - Die crack thru tops of URIBUS with die break at top left of B.
Reverse C3a - Diagonal die scratch lines at lower inside of eagle's left wing near leg. Some slightly doubled leaves at lower left of wreath.



LVA Plate Photo:

DSC03622 edited.JPG DSC03621 edited.JPG

Additional Photos:

NESVT20090501 1900O 2B2 1.JPG NESVT20090501 1900O 2B2 2.JPG

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