1900-O VAM-29

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1900-O VAM-29 Doubled Right 0 Top

Discovered by Maurice Dubreuil, February 1977.Revised 2009.
29 (revised) III2 34 - C3a (Doubled Right 0 Top) (189) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 34- Right 0 slightly doubled at top outside. Date in middle of normal lateral position. Very slightly doubled nose edge, upper lip and hair above ear.



LVA Plate Photos:

Additional Photos:

Doubling on the last date digit:
Date position VAM 29 LDS:
Additional pickup points:
Note: Thanks to Yankeeben for the above photos. Discussion occurred to whether the die crack was yet a die break and if this coin was a VAM 29 LDS or a VAM 29A EDS. Logan McKechnie informed us: "There has been some repeated discussions with Leroy and TPGers about coins such as these. When the money coin is the "A" and the public would be mislead, the coin becomes the LDS of the base coin: for instance, a slight chip under the nose of a 1891 VAM 2 will be a VAM2 LDS, not a VAM 2A EDS. This coin, following that thought would be a VAM 29 LDS, not a VAM 29A EDS. Nothing is in stone, but that appears to be the agreement."
Mint Mark position:
GRW 1900 O 29A MM.jpg

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