1899-O VAM-40

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1899-O VAM-40 Low slanted date

Discovery 2011
III2 25 - C3e (Low Slanted Date, High O. Die Scratches Wing ) (187) I-3 R-5
Obverse III2 25- Slanted date set slightly low with 9 higher than 1 and in middle of lateral position.
ReverseC3e-III O mint mark slightly high with very slight slant to right. Diagonal die scratches at lower inside of eagle's left wing.

1. Leroy said, "Very strange that 1896-O VAM-10A in 2006 VAM Supplement, 1897-O VAM-8, 1900-O VAM-47B & 1899-S VAM-16 in 2008 VAM Supplement have similar diagonal die scratches in same location. Not sure what would cause them, maybe die polishing or basining process at N.O. & S.F. mints." Thread from Yankee Ben, [his discovery].


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For similar reverse die, see VAM 34A.

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