1898-S VAM-7A

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1898-S VAM-7A S/S Upright, Die Breaks in Lower Hair

Discovery 2011
III2 2 - C3f (S/S Upright, Die Breaks in Lower Hair) (188) I-3 R-6
Obverse 1112 2- Horizontal die crack in lower hair with two breaks above right 8 similar to VAM 17A but slightly higher.
Reverse C3f-

1. If you should find a 7A like the second set of Large Full Coin Photos, you may have a subset of 7A since it is very much larger than the plate photo from Leroy on the main discovery of VAM-7A.
2. Note that the 1898-S VAM1B also has a die break in very nearly the same place - both in the lower hair AND at the top of the cap. They are not the same die.


LVA Plate Photos:

Additional Photos:

Discovery piece.

Discovery piece.




Discovery piece.

Die marker mentioned by LVA in description of VAM7.

Dei marker mentioned by LVA in description of VAM 7.



Full Coin Photos

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