1898-S VAM-17

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1898-S VAM-17 Near Date, Doubled Ear,S/S Tilted right Near Date

Discovery 2011 Mitch Hill
17 III2 11 - C3j (Near Date, Doubled Ear,S/S Tilted right Near Date) (187) I-2 R-5
Reverse C3j - IV S mint mark doubled at right of top serif and below bottom serif with a slight tilt to the right and centered
Die Marker-Polishing line to right of first berry cluster in left wreath

1. EDS of the LDS VAM-17A with the Hair break on lower obverse


LVA Plate Photos:

LVA LETTER 9-22-11PLATE1898SV17Ear.jpg LVA LETTER 9-22-11PLATE1898SV17MM.jpg

LVA LETTER 9-22-11PLATE1898SV17DieMarker.jpg

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