1898-O VAM-7B

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1898-O VAM-7B Near Date, O Set High, Clashed Obverse n & t, Clashed Reverse M

Discovery 2010
7B III2 4 - C3b (Near Date, O Set High, Clashed Obverse n & t, Clashed Reverse m) (181) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 4 - Clashed dies with faint double n of In from reverse away from Liberty head neck and partial double clashed t of Trust from reverse showing in right hair vee of lower hair edge.
Reverse C3b - Clashed die with faint raised center knob of designer's initial M from obverse showing between d in God and W in We.


1. Ron1883 coin; http://www.vamworld.com/share/view/72364038

LVA Plate Photos:


Additional Photos:

NESVT20100405 1898O 7A 2.JPG NESVT20100405 1898O 7A 3.JPG

NESVT20100405 1898O 7A 4.JPG NESVT20100405 1898O 7A 5.JPG

NESVT20100405 1898O 7A 1.JPG 98OV7Bmm bow.jpg

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Rmg 1898O 022515a.jpg Rmg 1898O 022515b.jpg

Rmg 1898O 022515m.jpg Rmg 1898O 022515s.jpg

            "O" set high                ||       Reverse "M" seen here. 

Full Coin Photos

Large Full Coin Photo by: Mhomei, Coin courtesy Ron1883, Attribution by: VSS.