1898-O VAM-5

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1898-O VAM-5 O Tilted Right

Discovered by Charles Wallace, April 1970.
5 III2 1 - C3c (O Tilted Right) (181) I-2 R-3
Obverse III2 1 - Normal die of III2 type with open 9.
Reverse C3c- Medium O mint mark centered and tilted to the right.

1. Note If anyone has an untoned, uncirculated 1898-O VAM 5 that matches the coins shown on the VAM 5 page, take a look at the 2nd 8. Looking at a darkly toned coin, the bottom inside of the top loop of the 2nd 8 seems to be repunched. Leroy doesn't like making attributions based on dark coins. If anyone can confirm this with an untoned coin, call dibs on the revision here and send it in. Update: On a coin submitted in September 2015, LVA stated the raised patch in lower rt inside of top loop of the second 8 of the date is from die polishing.
2. Shared obverse with VAM-12 [[1]]


LVA Plate Photos:

Additional Photos:

Date in the normal position.
Mint mark tilted right.
1898-O-5-jbc-O.jpg 1898-O-5-jbc-O2.jpg
Unique obverse cracks can help conclusively attribute some specimens.
From Lee a 2nd MDS/LDS Specimen

1898-O VAM-tbd ldl lwing1.JPG

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