1898-O VAM-4B

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1898-O VAM-4B O Set High, Die Scratches Wing Top, Mouth & Leg

Discovered by Brian Haight 2017
4B III2 1 - C3B (O Set High, Die Scratches Wing Top, Mouth & Leg) (181) I-2 R-5
Obverse III2 1- Die Marker - Polishing lines TY of LIBERTY
Reverse C3b - Horizontal die scratch across the top of the eagles left wing. Small short die scratches at eagles mouth front and outside edge of eagles left leg.

1. [Die Pair Question 07/16/2017]
2. Shared Reverse Class C3b with VAM-4, VAM-4A but different normal date obverse die.


LVA Plate Photos:

1898-O-V4B-BRH-DC-1.jpg 1898-O-V4B-BRH-DC-2.jpg


Additional Photos:

Discovery Coin Date
Next 5 Photos by: ron1883, Coin courtesy: Lae2
Rmg 1898O 072017b.jpg

Rmg 1898O 072017c.jpg Rmg 1898O 072017d.jpg

Rmg 1898O 072017e.jpg Rmg 1898O 072017f.jpg

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